ACCREDITED LABORATORY ENAC, Entidad Nacional de Acreditación
TDI has been approved as a law-abiding of UNE-ES ISO/IEC according to ISO rules 17025


The difference between risk and security, confidence and doubt, or between tranquility and unrest, is a simple decision.

The choose a lab that does not offer full guarantees, or opt for the capacity and the rigour of an accredited laboratory.

The most effective way to ensure the levels of reliability that expects to achieve from your product or service.

Sometimes, the difference between peace and unrest may seem small, but it is really very big.


In an increasingly competitive market, rules increasingly demanding in terms of quality and safety, and increasingly ambitious business goals, the option of selecting a testing laboratory accredited to ensure reliable results is becoming a necessity. The need to be sure.

Choose an accredited laboratory ensures the highest technical competence, it is a commercial boost for your product.

The decision is yours. Our guarantees.


Reduce time and costs

Select an accredited laboratory is the easiest way of avoiding the repetition of trials involving time and added costs.

Minimize risks

Count on technically competent laboratories will help reduce the risk levels production or provide a defective product.

Increase the confidence of your customers

Recourse to an accredited laboratory provides added value to your product in terms of reliability and recognition, which directly affects the confidence of your customers.

Increase the acceptance of your products in the global market

Working with an accredited laboratory supposed to rely on the support of a network formed by different countries accreditation institutions.

International prestige

The international prestige of accredited laboratories, will directly affect the recognition of your company and your products.

Laboratorios de Ensayo TDI

The reliability of the tests is based on:

TRAINING of staff qualified, to ensure the work according to standard procedures.

EQUIPMENT calibration for laboratories accredited according to norm ISO 17025.

TRACEABILITY of the results through regular audits by ENAC.

Laboratorios de Ensayo TDI

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