TDI has been approved as a law-abiding of UNE-ES ISO/IEC according to ISO rules 17025



TDI was founded in 1988 with the aim of becoming an expert organisation in the Biotechnology / Biomedicine sector for the distribution and manufacture of equipment for the sector. We have also specialised in the design and construction of clean rooms and /or controlled enclosures, offering a high level of post sales service in all our divisions, proof of which being the creation of a testing laboratory endorsed by international standards. TDI’s objective is the creation of long lasting value and it is present in all its actions:

Value for clients, designing solutions which contribute towards increasing competitiveness.

Value for employees, offering a working environment which helps them to obtain their professional and personal goals.

Value for our shareholders, establishing relationships of mutual benefit, reaching optimum levels of growth and profits. Our organisation continually reinvests its profits in R+D+I, maintaining a policy of developing new solutions and methodologies which allow us to be leaders in terms of quality. Adaptability and flexibility are important for us, since our multiple areas of work have different business and production requirements. Everything is followed up and controlled through our work processes. Likewise, in order to meet our clients’ needs in different geographical locations, TDI has total cover within Spain, through three branches in Cataluña, Galicia and Andalucia and a very wide national and international distribution network, through which we cover the European Union countries and others as diverse as Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Morocco. In order to develop the business in an efficient manner, the company has organised Divisions focusing on the different technological solutions required by our clients.

  • División de Purificación de Aire.
  • División de Seguridad Biológica y flujo laminar.
  • División de Instalaciones de salas blancas y recintos controlados.
  • División de Biología Molecular.
  • División de Diagnóstico Animal.
  • División de Laboratorio de Ensayo.

Each of these divisions is based on TDI’s greatest asset: its Human Capital. TDI promotes this asset by creating a stable working environment, thus helping all employees to achieve their professional and personal aims. TDI has premises occupying in excess of 1,500 m² in order to carry out all its activities.

The Company
The Company

Oficina Central Calle José Echegaray 8
P.A.E. Casablanca I, Local 1-3 - 28100 Alcobendas
Madrid. España