Formaldehyde Dispensation Station

The TDI EUROAIRE Formaldehyde dispensing Station is a compact work cabin designed for the storage, containment and dispensing of chemicals, in particular formaldehyde, in operating theatres or pathology laboratories. It is designed to be customized in dimensions and endowment for each type of requirement.  
It is designed to give total protection to the operator.

The station – FORM is designed around our FAGV gas extraction cabinets,
assuring the user the maximum protection.
Due to its design it facilitates the total access to the work area.
Equipped with high performance motors and adjustable speed.
Activated charcoal filter (up to 10 Kg) specific for high-capacity formaldehyde.
The customer's original chemical container (5 or 10l) is placed on the bottom shelf and connected to a pumping system which by pressure of a switch button or a pedal, pumps formaldehyde into the work area faucet.
Work area (mm) (High x Width x Depth) 790 X 800 X 25
External dimensions (mm) (High x Width x Depth) 1050 X 815 X 730
Height Surface Work 900 mm
Maximum opening two steps 400 mm  y 770 mm
Barrier velocity 0,3   ----   0,8 m/s
Noise </= 60 dB
Outlet PVC maximum lenght 4 meters
Outlet diamenter OPTIONAL  250 mm
Net Weight (kg) 180
Material Exterior of epoxy painted steel sheets. Surface Stainless Steel AISI 304
Control Aspiration speed regulator
Fluorecent lamp LED
Powe consumption 400 W
Powe supply 220 v, 50 h z± 10% ; 110 v , 60 Hz) Protection IP44
Reference Description
00-ESTACION-FORM Formaldehyde Dispensing Station Model EST-FOR 800
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