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TDI has been approved as a law-abiding of UNE-ES ISO/IEC according to ISO rules 17025


TDI has a highly qualified Department of facilities whose team is composed of engineers, architects, technicians of prevention of risks, which unite their efforts for the realization of projects requested by our clients. This Department develops consulting projects as support for the realization of the facilities or their realization full from the customer's requirements until the final validation by the testing laboratory accredited by the national accreditation entity ENAC.

TDI designs and manages three types of installation in the rehabilitation of the laboratory conditions existing or performing completely new lab:

  • Standard laboratories or joint work. They are equipped with standard equipment, air conditioning and no conditions require special conditions of air purity nor protection.

  • Clean Laboratory (clean rooms) I controlled premises. In these cases is the injection of sterile air and with a reduced or zero content in particles in order to obtain a classification of air purity certified according to international rules UNE EN ISO - 14644, GMP and GLP. These levels of purity are reinforced through the implementation of a positive pressure inside the Chamber to deal with.

  • Biosafety laboratories. TDI performs laboratory biosafety levels P1 to P3. These levels of security are reflected in the R.D. 644/1997 and in the international regulation UNE EN 12128:
    • P1. Minimum level of protection
    • P2. Basic level of protection
    • P3. Medium protection level
    • P4. Maximum level of protection

In these cases an essential factor for protection is the application of negative differential pressure from outside. Optionally, you can establish a classification of air purity.

Stages of realization of an installation:

Phase 1. Determination of the requirements of the customer.
All the customer requirements for the implementation of project always focusing on two fundamental aspects such as the prevention of occupational hazards and work or products or use within the enclosure or room shall be collected at this stage.

Phase 2. Development of the project.
Our engineers, architects and technicians in occupational risk prevention study all customer requirements for the realization of the project facility to comply with all existing regulatory requirements local, national, and where appropriate if it is necessary to international.

Phase 3. Construction of the facility.
Once the project is approved by the customer he is planning with all phases of installation are informed to the client and the execution of the installation is done with highly skilled technicians in installation of rooms, air conditioning, air purification and all supervised by a Chief of installation.

Phase 4. Validation of the room.
It is the last phase of the installation and the most important of them all. In this phase the customer receives the validation report of the Room conducting the measurements are necessary to confirm the initial requirements of the customer. This phase will be performed by TDI testing that this accredited laboratory with the national accreditation entity ENAC, with full independence on the rest of departments.

TDI Biofarmacéutical
TDI Biofarmacéutical
TDI Biofarmacéutical

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