Models series BBC 700 TYPE II A2

Biological Safety Cabinet CLASS II A2 700 EuroAire BBC

Ref.: 425-BBC-700
BBC-700 (Cabin for small spaces) is an EN 12469 certified class II cabinet range that offers the most advanced features in product-operator protection and user-friendly ergonomics to allow best working conditions and results.


  • CLASS II Biological safety cabinet, according to EN 12469 standard.
  • Work area and work surface made of stainless steel AISI 304. The work surface has a well for easy cleaning.
  • Front panel of multi-layer doubling toughened glass. Recycled air is filtered through an absolute HEPA H14 filter (99.995% MPPS efficiency EN 1822 Standard) and is sent to the work area at a speed of 0.45 m/s + 0.1.
  • Partial re-circulation of air according to regulations: 30% exhaust and 70% re-circulation. Exhausted air is filtered by a separate absolute HEPA H14 filter (99.995% efficiency MPPS EN 1822 Standard), especially for such purpose.
  • Work area maintains laminar flow conditions with ISO 4 type air purity (according to ISO 14644) or Class 10 (according to Fed. Std. 209).
  • Protection barrier in the work area with a speed greater than 0.53 m/s.
  • Cabinet controlled by microprocessor with updateable FLASH memory and double display: one external and the other internal (work area) for easy visualisation of the cabinet control parameters (speeds, flows, plenum pressure, expulsion barriers, etc…)
  • The cabinet has an easy to use tactile panel with a security key for control of white / ultraviolet illumination, internal electricity connection, gas valve and parameters.
  • Automatic electronic system regulating motor speed to adapt to progressive filter saturation and protection conditions.
  • Alarms for detecting problems in the impulsion system and the negative pressure protection barrier and opening of doors.
  • Illumination may be fluorescent or ultraviolet.
  • Working voltage 220 V. 50 Hz. Maximum electricity consumption 4A (approx. 800 w.).
  • The cabinet includes U.V. light as a standard feature; 220 volt electricity connection. Optional accessories:
  • Gas connection with electronically controlled valve.
  • Vacuum connection.
 Optional accessories:

• Gas connection with electronically controlled valve.

• Vacuum connection.

• Base stand

• Descontamination conector by Hidrogen Peroxide.



Internal size (mm)

600 x 500 x 540 mm

External size (mm)

700 x 650 x 1230 mm

Transport dimensions

950 x 850 x 1430 mm


80 kg

Transportation weight

110 kg

Working area

Zona de trabajo y superficie construida en acero inoxidable AISI 304

Control System

Micropresador con memoria flash



Main Filter

Filtro absoluto Hepa H14 con una eficación de 99,9995% mpps según normativa EN1822

Exhaust filter

Filtro absoluto Hepa H14 con una eficación de 99,9995% mpps según normativa EN1822

Intake Airflow velocity

0,53 m/s

Laminar flow speed

0,33 m/s

Air Circulation


Air Exhaust


Front Sash

Deslizamiento electrónico automático (cristal templado de seguridad)

Clean Level

Clase 10 / ISO 4

Level noise

<55 dB


14W * 1

UV light

18W * 1


NSF 49, UNE EN 12469, UNE EN 13485, EN 61010




Biological Safety Cabinet Type C10 mod. BBC-700


Fixed table 710x580x820 mm (width x depth x height) with 30 mm tube for BBC 700 CABINS.

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