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Primate cages and caging systems

Ref.: 362-PRIMATE
Housing for cats, dogs and primates
In this product field EHRET provides custom-made solutions which meets international standards of animal husbandry and legal requirements.

Primate cages and caging systems
Seeking perfection and intending innovation are our main incentives. Due to market-driven products, excellent quality and comprehensive service we have extended continuously during many years. This is reflected in the existing customer relations and incites us to new peak performances.

The EHRET primate cages are designed, engineered and manufactured according to customer’s request and considering the respective legal requirements as per European norm ETS 123.
The high-quality and species-appropriate caging systems are fitted optionally with resting zones, balconies, viewing windows and other enrichment. The installations can be arranged in colour and design. We only use high-quality material which is easy to decontaminate.
Our experience resulting from numerous and large projects allows us to provide our customers a wide range of solutions for all applications.
Our own CAD engineering has the possibility to present the requirements in 3D models.
All elements are designed for the safe husbandry of animals and easy handling by the user.
Thus a high operation safety is provided.
All parts are designed to be washed manually or by a machine including autoclaving processes.

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