Animal bedding disposal Cabinet

Ref.: 362-TOPFLOW2

Top Flow 2
Animal bedding - disposal
The Top Flow 2 is the indispensable assistant for the decentral disposal of bedding.

With an air velocity of 0,8 m/s the particles and allergens are aspirated and hold back in the device by the H14 HEPA filter.

The ease of use and the acoustical as well as visuell alarms comply with the modern standards of safety workbenches.

For information on the range of accessories for this product and the respective code numbers please download following file:

The Top Flow 2 is an indispensable assistant for reduction of allergens at the work place.
Due to the air velocity of 0,8 m/s it is granted that the particles are disposed off via the pre-filter and the HEPA filter when emptying the cages.
The air which surrounds the device thereby remains free from allergens.
Manipulation and instrumentation are adapted to modern safety workbenches, adjustments and alarms are visible as plain text on the soft touch display, which is easy to clean.
Failures, e.g. air velocity too low, will also be signalised acoustically.
Main filter: H13 (HEPA) as per EN 1822
Exhaust air filter: H13 (HEPA) as per EN 1822 (alternatively also with active carbon filter)
Pre-filter: G3 as per EN 779
Reference Type Dimensions wxhxd Work Space wxhxd Power Weight
362-TOPFLOW2 Top Flow 2 1270 x 2010 x 856 mm 955 x 678 x 630 mm 700 W approx. 250 Kg
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P.A.E. Casablanca I, Local 1-3 - 28100 Alcobendas
Madrid. España