Protected Animal:

Models series UA 1 compartment or 4 individuals. +/- Pressure. Size I or II

Animal contention units

Ref.: 00-UA(-/I)(P/N)-(I/II)
Animals protected models units  series offer a wide range of models based on 1 or 4 individual compartments (UA or AUI). Depending on the pressure + or -(UAP, UAN, UAIP or UAIN). Depending on the capacity of number of cages type I or II (UAP-I, UAP-II, UAN-I, UAN-II, UAIP-I, UAIP-II, UAIN-I and UAIN-II).

General characteristics.
Protected animal units
are available in two different capacities, the conventional UAxx-I and extra-capacity UAxx-II.

UAxx-I and UAxx-II are available in three configurations.
A.Asingle compartment with four doors and three adjustable shelves. UAx-I and UAx-II

B.Four individual compartments and eight doors for keeping animals in different conditions without danger of cross-contamination between compartments. UAIx-I and UAIx-II

C.Each of the units can be configured to positive or negative pressure. UAP-I, UAN-I, UAP-II, UAN-II, UAIP-I, UAIN-I, UAIP-II and UAIN-II.

Also we offer individual stackable modules (up to four). EXCLUSIVE and unique!

Secondary units are available for each model and configuration to duplicate storage capacity without duplicating costs. These units use the filtration systems and motors of the main units.

The entire assembly is mobile, allowing animals and units to be moved for cleaning in an area different from storage. UAunits provide efficient positive-pressure protection for immunosuppressed animals, SPF, etc. It also enables protection of the surroundings and laboratory personnel under negative pressure conditions, for example, in cases of animals infected during laboratory tests.

Containment of animals:   1290 (h) x 1100 (a) x 530 (f) mm
Overall dimensions:          1960 (h) x 1300 (a) x 530 (f) mm

Containment of animals:   1800 (h) x 1330 (a) x 710 (f) mm
Overall dimensions:         2470 (h) x 1560 (a) x 710 (f) mm
Technical characteristics: High-performance, low-noise, air supply motor capable of feeding two air supply units (main and secondary). Adjustable differential pressure from 1 to 10 mm H20. Manometer monitoring (optional). User-adjusted air renovation rate, 100 to 500 per hour. Airflow adjustable to less than 1.1 m/s. Constructed entirely of PVC resistant to detergent and more aggressive cleaning agents (e.g., chromic mixture). Transparent compartment doors that dismount without tools to facilitate cleaning. HEPAfilter, 99.9999% efficiency, for sterilizing the exhaust (negative pressure) and air supply to animals (positive pressure). Double system of reusable filters with replacements included. Independent alarm system for motor dysfunction and/or power failure; can be connected to a remote monitoring system (optional). System for deodorizing exhaust air with rechargeable charcoal filters (optional). Fitted with independent illuminations for the 4 levels of the UA-II. Illumination regulated independently for each compartments. Tinted doors (optional). Heating system for the entire unit (optional).

Capacity of cages.
CagesType I: 48 ; Type II: 32; Type III: 8; Type IV:-
Cages Type I: 84; Type II: 40; Type III: 24;Type IV: 12

• Dark Doors.

• Heating system for the whole unit.

• Deodorization system for expelled air by rechargeable activated carbon filters.

• Differential pressure adjustable between 1 and 10 mm H20. May be monitored by manometer.

• The illumination is independently regulated for each of the four compartments.

Ref. Description
00-UAP-I Animals unit Pression +, 1 comp. 4 doors 1290x1100
00-UAN-I Animals unit Pression -, 1 comp. 4 doors 1290x1100
00-UAIP-I Animals unit Pression +, 4 comp. 8 doors 1290x1100
00-UAIN-I Animals unit  Pression -, 4 comp. 8 doors 1290x1100
00-UAP-II Animals unit  Pression +, 1 comp. 4 doors 1800x1320
00-UAN-II Animals unit  Pression -, 1 comp. 4 doors 1800x1320
00-UAIP-II Animals unit  Pression +, 4 comp. 8 doors 1800x1320
00-UAIN-II Animals unit  Pression -, 4 comp. 8 doors 1800x1320
00-UAM-I Stackable individual module for UA-I
00-UAM-II Stackable individual module for UA-II
00-UAS-I Secondary modele for UA-I with support
00-UAIS-I Secondary module for UAI-I with support
00-UAS-II Secondary module for UA-II with support
00-UAIS-II Secondary module for UAI-II with support
00-SOPORTE Wheels support
51-MANOARM Manometer for animal units
00-UALAR Independent alarm system for failures
00-UACAR + Active carbon for UA-I y II P +
00-UACAR - Active carbon for UA-I y II P -
00-UAICAR + Active carbon for UAI-I y II P +
00-UAICAR - Active carbon for UAI-I y II P -
00-UALUZ Light cycles with dark doors for UA-I y II
00-UAILUZ Light cycles with dark door for UAI-I y II
00-UACAL Heating system for UA
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