Air Purification:


Air Purification Unit QRJ-128 Mobile or Fixed

Ref.: 425-QRJ-168
The QRJ-128 air purifier offers protection with horizontal laminar flow. It is an ideal system to protect from contamination work in the room where it is required. This unit is widely used in hospitals, research laboratories, clean rooms, etc

  • Offers air rating 100 (ISO 5) at the outlet
  • The unit is harmless, innocuous, low noise, and high efficiency performing the most effective, fast and complete air purification.
  • Absorbs all aerosols and contaminants from the room or laboratory.
  • Reduces room contamination through air recirculation.
  • Output flow regulation.
  • High efficiency HEPA filter for 0.3 micron particles.
  • Its special design allows its installation in multiple positions. It can be mobile or fixed to wall or ceiling.
  • Low noise level < 58 dB
  • Includes internal UV decontamination
  • Programming capacity of the start-up and shutdown of the flow system, in up to 3 separate cycles
  • UV decontamination programming capability in up to three separate cycles
  • Possibility of mixing programming cycles. For example.
    • 9:00 Filtering ignition
    • 14:00 Uv decontamination ignition
    • 16:00 Turning off the leak
    • 18:00 off of UV decontamination
    • Etc…
  • Remote control and programming via IR remote control, for units located in low accessibility locations (ceilings, high walls, etc...)
  • Possibilities of work on mobile support (included), Hanging from the ceiling (single or forming joint systems) and recessed in the Wall.




900 x 120 x 1500 mm

Filtration surface

720 x 570 mm

Air Velocity

>0.25 m/s


58 Kg


350 m3/h

Noise level

< 58 db


220 v , 50 Hz

Air Clasificación

Class 100




Air Purificator / Mobile Operating Unit horizontal flow QRJ-128

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