Fan Filter Units, SAS Pass through, Air Shower:

Air Shower
Air Showers are a necessary step for people entering or leaving clean rooms, in order to minimize the amount of polluting particles and achieve strict purification standards in the number of particles.
Models series MIA
Air-supply sistems that ensure the pressurization and removating of sterile air. Easily instaled, one or more units may be installed depending on the volume of the room.
Ventilated SAS
Models Serie SAS
The SAS models are made entirely of stainless steel, with completely watertight and rounded walls, specially designed for the transit of laboratory material between dirty zone and clean zone. • ...
Models series UIA
Air Impulsion units which ensure the pressurisation and renewal of sterile air. They are easy to install and, depending on the volume of the room to be equipped some units may be installed.
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