Extraction Systems
Series 610
QUICKGENE-610L can perform DNA extraction of 6 whole blood samples (2ml each), within 12 minutes.
Series mini 80
Quick Gene-Mini80 is a compact system requiring no centrifugation in teh extraction process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid extraction.
Series 810
QuickGene-810 CE IVD is a semi-automated device suitable for medium-sized labs. This is also a very compact, space-saving table-top device that enables the extraction of genomic DNA from 8 whole blood ...
Micro Spectophotometers
Reagents Isolation DNA-RNA
kit s QuickGene DNA whole blood Kit S (DB-S) For isolation of Genomic DNA from whole blood.
DNA tissue Kit S (DT-S) For isolation of genomic DNA from tissue samples.
QuickGene Plasmid Kit S (PL-S) For extraction of plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli.
QuickGene RNA cultured cell kit S (RC-S) For isolation of total RNA from cultured cells.
RNA tissue Kit S (RT-S) For isolation of total RNA from tissue samples.
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