Safety Cabinet Class II for Citostatic



· Safety Cabinet for cytostatics and neoplasic products designed and built according to the regulations.

· Voice messages, indicating problems and incidents.

· THREE stages of filtration, one of them located underneath the work surface, to avoid contamination of the cabinet.

· Large VFD display. Tha Cabinet, filter and UV working time, Inflow and down flow speed, and temperature, humidity)

· Remote control. Every function could be realized 6 meters away from the cabinet by remote controller, this can protect the operator’s safe under emergency.

· Ergonomically tested, thanks to the noise level is below 58 dBA below the level required by regulation 65 dBA.

· Wide and curved armrests for comfort on the forearm in any position.

· Monitoring and setting the clogging of filters by minimizing the cost of replacing them.

• BSC for handling cytostatics and Neoplasicos products. 

Warning/alarm messages system, using voice, "booth explains what happens and suggests the consequential actions."

• Area of work and surface of work built in steel stainless AISI 304, equipped of a vain for the easy cleaning and collection of liquids 4000 ml with valve of drainage for your cleaning.

• Slide front glass with alarm position.   Filter specific ULPA located below the work surface, following regulations

• The recycled air is filtered through an absolute HEPA H14 filter (99.995% efficiency MPPS 1822 standard) and is sent to the work area at a speed of 0.35 m/s

• The exhausted to the outside air is filtered through an absolute HEPA H14 filter (99.995% efficiency MPPS 1822 standard) independent dedicated for this purpose.

• The area of work keeps conditions of flow laminar with a purity of air type ISO 4 (according to ISO 14644) or class 10 (according to Fed.) (Std. 209).

• Protection barrier in work area with speed greater than 0.4 m / s.

• Cabinet is controlled by microprocessor and display with easy visualisation of the cab parameters (speeds, flows and plenum pressure, barriers removal, etc...).

• Endowed of a panel touch with key of security for control of lighting white / UV, takes power internal, valve of gas and parameters.

• Alarms spoken detection of problems in the drive system and the protective barrier by negative pressure and opening doors "booth explains what happens". • Exclusive UV and fluorescent lighting.

• The cabin includes light UV; Take 220 volts.

Accessories Optional:

• Gas outlet with valve controlled electronically. Take vacuum

• active Carbon aerosol filtration stage.

• Table support unit...

Dimensiones interiores 1220 x 600 x 630
Dimensiones exteriores 1375 x 750 x 2300
Dimensiones de transporte 1570 x 950 x 2520
Peso 400 kg
Material Zona de trabajo y superficie construida en acero inoxidable AISI 304
Sistema de control Micropresador con memoria flash, con avisos por voz
Pantalla LCD
Filtros Inferior, principal y de expulsión. Filtro absoluto Hepa H14 con una eficación de 99,9995% mpps según normativa EN1822
Lámpara ultravioleta 30 W * 1
Barrera 0,53 m/s
Flujo laminar 0,35 m/s
Recirculación de aire 30%
Expusión de aire 70% (aprox. 600 m3/h)
Cristal frontal Deslizamiento electrónico (doble cristal de seguridad)
Clasificación de pureza de aire Clase 10 / ISO 4
Nivel sonoro < 62 db
Iluminación > 1000 lux
Necesidades electricas 220 V 50/60 Hz
Normativas aplicadas DIN 12980:2005, UNE EN 12469: 2005

Oficina Central Calle José Echegaray 8
P.A.E. Casablanca I, Local 1-3 - 28100 Alcobendas
Madrid. España